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Oh So Me

Oh So Daisy is an independent female run business based in the sunny hills of Surrey, UK. We design fun, bold and on-trend high quality art prints which empower and motivate your home with colour and positivity!


The business was founded in April 2020 after our founder, Kelly was made redundant from her full-time job in the creative industry due to the Worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the business has been featured in several national magazines and newspapers and has caught the eye of over 15,000 instagram followers!

The brand has continued to grow and in June 2021, ventured into the world of homeware textiles, candles, as well as cards and gift wrap selling to over 14,000 people worldwide.


For wholesale requests or if you'd like to collaborate, please use our contact from with subject WHOLESALE/COLLAB and Kelly will get in touch with you!